Radek Sali

Bachelor of Arts (Cinema Studies) 1997

Radek Sali has been an integral part of the Swisse story since he joined the company in 2005 and having assumed the role of CEO eight years ago, Radek has ensured Swisse is now one of Australia’s most recognisable and fastest growing companies.

Swisse is a leading Australian wellness brand that prides itself on delivering premium quality natural health and wellbeing products. Radek’s father, a Professor of Surgery, and his mother, a Medical Scientist, instilled in him a passion for health and wellness. This passion coupled with Radek’s enviable business intelligence developed through his eleven years at Village Roadshow and time at Swisse have made him a strong force in the complementary medicines industry.

In 2012 Swisse was named the ‘Most Successful Business of the Year’ in the prestigious 2012 BRW Private Business Awards. Radek was also recognised as the GQ Businessman of the Year and the

CEO Magazine’s Pharmaceutical Executive of the Year. Swisse was also recognised as a great place to work in the top 25 BRW list two years running. This year, Radek was named as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 finalist.

In addition to his role as Swisse CEO, Radek is the Executive Chairman of Light Warrior Group, a positive, principle driven investment group. Radek also founded the Lightfolk Foundation and through this, Lightfolk ltd - a not-for-profit school of wisdom. Radek is Chairman of Made Establishment Hospitality Group, Chairman of Noisy Beast advertising agency an advisory board member for the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and Biostime Group Ltd, a Hong Kong based, publicly listed company.

Radek can be credited with generating in excess of $10M of charitable donations for the Lightfolk foundation and the Swisse Celebrate Life Foundation.