CR Oscar Yildiz JP

Oscar Yildiz is CEO and founder of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation which is dedicated to empowering Australians to live fulfilling lives from all forms of bullying. Prior to working with Bully Zero, Oscar served as Mayor of the City of Moreland twice, one of Melbourne's most populous, vibrant and culturally-diverse municipalities.As Mayor, Oscar managed a $AUD150 million annual budget and spearheaded important community initiatives including the Oxygen Youth Project, the Moreland Multicultural Policy, the Family Violence Prevention Strategy and the National award-winning CALDCom Storyboard project which communicates vital information to non-English speakers through use of pictures. 

With a natural ability to inspire and influence others, Oscar has galvanised others to join his anti-bullying campaign, with supporters including Julia Gillard, Linfox, Essendon Football Club, KPMG, Swisse and LaManna. Oscar started his career as a passionate educator, teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Australia, the Philippines, China, Turkey, Denmark and Tuvalu. He is also a graduate of the Australian Institute.

Cr Oscar Yildiz JP