PHD Students

Gerardine Barry

Space and place: the impact of environmental design on older people's physical activity, quality of life and entry to residential care

(Professor Yvonne Wells & Dr Angela Herd)

Kiwi Cheng

Social capital and use of day care centres in Taiwan

(Professor Christine Bigby & Professor Yvonne Wells)

Donna McNeill-Brown

Care and housing expectations of baby boomers

(Professor Yvonne Wells & Professor Allan Borowski)

Karen Teshuva

Understanding the nature of optimal care for ageing survivors of the Holocaust

(Professor Allan Borowski & Professor Yvonne Wells)

Victoria Weale

The effects of flexible working practices on employee health and wellbeing

(Professor Yvonne Wells & Dr Jodi Oakman)

Masters students 

Master of Public Health 

Wendy Dagher 

Resilience and older people (Professor Yvonne Wells)

Master of Gerontology 

Gaga Dukpa 

Evaluation of the Creative Ways to Care program for carers of people with dementia (Professor Yvonne Wells & Dr Angela Herd)

Pam Eliason 

How nursing in aged care has changed (Professor Yvonne Wells & Dr Angela Herd) 

Melanie Pinfold 

Frailty and outcomes of inpatient rehabilitation (Professor Yvonne Wells & Dr Anne Holland, Alfred Health)

Santi Sulandari 

Older Indonesians' perceptions of optimising their physical activity and social engagement (Dr Angela Herd & Professor Yvonne Wells)

Dr Patricia Thinza Moe 

What safe and effective approaches are there for managing agitation in dementia patients living in the community in Australia? (Dr Angela Herd & Professor Yvonne Wells)

Dr Yusriyya Yusriyya

Palliative care and dying at home for older people: Perspectives of foreign medical doctors working in Australia. (Dr Angela Herd & Professor Yvonne Wells)