PHD Students

Melanie Bish

Professional identity for Division Two nurses

(Professor Rhonda Nay & Dr Amanda Kenny)

Catherine Edgar

A study of the management of chronic wounds and pain in older people who have dementia and are living in residential aged care facilities

(Professor Rhonda Nay & Dr Margaret Winbolt)

Nicoletta Frescos

Older people and wound pain in chronic lower limb wounds

(Professor Rhonda Nay, Dr Michael Bauer & Professor Stephen Gibson – NARI)

Bridget Laging

Factors influencing residential aged care (RAC) staff decision-making when a resident's health deteriorates

(Dr Michael Bauer & Professor Rhonda Nay)

Carmel McLeod

The approaches used by inter-disciplinary health care teams in oncology and palliative care units to address the spiritual needs of patients

(Dr Bruce Rumbold & Dr Jo Rayner)

Christine While

How is the construct and meaning of home for the person living with dementia influenced by visiting community service providers?

(Professor Rhonda Nay & Dr Margaret Winbolt)


Lisa Clinnick

Investigating the perception of nurses' use of psychotropic medications as chemical restraints in nursing homes

(Professor Rhonda Nay & Dr Susan Koch)