Aged Care Assessment Program

This ongoing project is funded jointly by the Commonwealth Department of Health and and the Victorian Department of Human Services. The Aged Care Assessment Program (ACAP) Evaluation has been carried out by the Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing (Lincoln) since 1983.

In its role as the Victorian state evaluation unit for the ACAS Program, Lincoln oversees the collection of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) on approximately 54,000 assessments carried out each year by Victoria's 18 Aged Care Assessment Services (ACAS). These data, collected consistently since 1988, are used to monitor trends in numbers and characteristics of ACAS clients and the care plans recommended for them, and to assist in program evaluation and planning of services for older people.

Each ACAS also provides yearly narrative reports that describe: highlights of the reporting period; team initiatives and issues; relationships with service providers and consumers; and availability of services in the ACAS catchments.

Lincoln also carries out specific research projects to provide additional information on the ACAP not available through the MDS. For example, periodic follow-up studies of ACAS recommendations are carried out to examine actual client outcomes following an ACAS assessment.

Lincoln evaluates the ACAP program on a quarterly and annual basis. Contact Karen Teshuva

Past research projects relating to the operation of the ACAP program in Victoria include:

  • ACAS Assessment Study (May – June 2001)
  • ACAS Activity Study (May – June 2001)
  • ACAS Waiting Time Study (May 1999 – May 2000)
  • Aged Care Assessment Services Costing Study (24th Progress Report, Vol 2, August 1999)
  • Follow-Up of ACAS Recommendations for Community Care : A Pilot Study (24th Progress Report, Vol 2, August 1999)
  • Residential Respite Study (24th Progress Report, Vol 2, August 1999)
  • Assessment of Older People: A Review of Recent International Literature (December 1997)
  • Nursing Home Follow-Up Study (21st Progress Report, Vol 2, October 1997)
  • Transition Care Packages Project: Evaluation of the Pilot Program (19th Progress Report, Vol 3, August 1996)
  • Hostel or Home?  Final Report of the Hostel Care Plan Study (19th Progress Report, Vol 2, October 1996)
  • Older People from Non-English Speaking Background and Aged Care Assessment Services (April 1996)