Home and Community Care Active Service Model Project: Literature Review and Identification of Service Models

Client: Department of Human Services Victoria

Centre: Lincoln Centre

Start year: 2006
End year: 2008

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Project outcomes: 1. A comprehensive evidence base to support the case for change from a dependency model of service delivery to an approach that includes person-centred capacity building or restorative care to maintain or restore client capacity to live as independently as possible in the community. 2. Engagement of the HACC sector in Victoria in significant changes to policy and practice towards an Active Service Model. 3. Identification of models of service delivery that are applicable in Victoria, including identification of suitable target groups within the HACC target population, having regard to how HACC operates in Victoria and the aims of the Active Service Model Project. 4. Recommendations for implementing person-centred capacity-building and restorative care approaches across the HACC service system in Victoria, with particular attention to funding policies and the readiness of the service sector.