Journal involvement

The Department of Accounting, Data Analytics, Economics and Finance is the home of the Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, published by Emerald Group Publication in the U.K. The journal aims to provide a platform for international researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to disseminate information on organisational and accounting systems change. Professor Zahirul Hoque is the founding editor of the journal.

Professor Kamran Ahmed is an Associate Editor of International Journal of Accounting, Auditing, & Performance Evaluation.

Associate Professor Gordon Boyce is a Senior Associate Editor of Accounting Education and the Associate Editor of Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal.

Associate Professor Muhammad Ali is an Associate Editor of Accounting Research Journal and Associate Editor Asian Journal of Business and Accounting.

In addition, many staff serve on the editorial board of the leading international journals, such as Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal; Accounting Forum; Financial Accountability & Management; International Journal of Accounting; Issues in Accounting Education; Journal of International Accounting Research; Social and Environmental Accountability Journal; The British Accounting Review and Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management.