Departmental seminars

The seminar program of the Department of Accounting and Data Analytics provides a forum for the communication of innovation and developments in accounting and Data Analytics research, education and practice. Our Department welcomes and encourages academics, students and professional practitioners to attend the seminar.

Seminars are held on Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

If you wish to present a paper in our Seminar Program, please contact the Seminar Coordinator, Associate Professor Jahangir Ali:


T: 03 9479 5177

Seminar Program – Semester 2, 2019





8 August 2019

DW 304B&C

Zoom ID 605 282 132

Professor Peter Clarkson

University of Queensland

The Value Relevance of a Firm’s Carbon Profile

22 August 2019

DWB 101 (Boardroom)

Zoom ID 411 140 590

Dr Karen Lai

Deakin University


5 September 2019

DW 304B&C

Zoom ID 182 220 203

Dr Sandip Dhole

Monash University

Dividend Cuts: Good News or Bad News? Well as the Cheshire Cat would say “it depends"

12 September 2019

DWB 304A&B

Dr Helen Yang

La Trobe University

Quantifying the impact of language on the performance of international accounting students: A cognitive load theory perspective

19 September 2019

DWB 101 (Boardroom)

Zoom ID 721 853 368

Dr Nicholas McGuigan

Monash University


10 October 2019

DWB 101 (Boardroom)

Zoom ID 707 691 929

Professor  Zahirul Hoque

La Trobe University

Organizational Budgets: A Critical Part of Organizational Routines (but they Decay) and an Important Part of Symbolic Expression of Accountability (but they Become Incarnate)

(Co-authors: Mark Covaleski, University of  Wisconsin-Madison  and Matt Kaufman, Portland State University)

24 October 2019

DW 304B&C

Zoom ID 321 608 334

Dr Dessalegn Mihret