Fees and charges


Your rent is calculated as a daily rate, and charged to your account on the first working day of every month. The rent is due by the fifth working day of the month and is payable in advance.

For example, if the daily rate for your residence is $29.50 per day, and you are paying for the month of March (31 days), the amount owing is $29.50 x 31 days = total of $914.50; and is due by the 5th of March.

Late payments

Rent and incidental fees must be paid on the fifth working day of the month. If you are unable to pay the outstanding amount, please contact the Accommodation Service office, prior to the due date. Late fees and lock outs apply until your account is paid in full.

Contact us

Visit us in the Accommodation Services office located at Menzies College or email us at living@latrobe.edu.au.