How to apply

Once you have decided that you wish to live in on-campus accommodation you must:

Register and Apply

Information for applicants

New applicants

You must register on StarRez Portal so that you can receive your login details (ID number and password).

  • Provide your full name in the same order as they appear on your passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate.
  • When you have registered, you will be sent a "Registration Confirmed" email with your ID number and Password. Please keep these numbers in a safe place for future use.
  • Use your  ID number in all correspondence with us and to log back into the StarRez Portal to check the status of your application.
  • You must complete all questions on the application form in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • If you have your La Trobe University ID number please enter it at the time of application. If you do not have it yet, send it to as soon as you do.

Returning residents

  • If you are currently staying in a La Trobe residence (or have stayed in one before), this means you are a returning resident and you do not need to register with the StarRez portal again.
  • To reapply, you simply log into the portal with your  ID number and password.
  • If you are unsure of your ID number and password, please email us with the subject heading “Login and password request”. Please provide these details in the following order: surname, first name and date of birth.

Dentistry students

  • Please outline in the application section 'More About Me' your rotation dates and the relevant locations you require accommodation.

Tips for using the StarRez portal

Use a valid email address

  • Provide a current, reliable email address to ensure that you receive any important communication.
  • You may need to add to your contacts list, otherwise our emails may be rejected or placed in junk mail.
  • Avoid using your school email address, as these generally expire after the school term or when you graduate.

Time limit

The application portal will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. If this occurs, simply log back in using your ID and password.

Your application status

Your application does not guarantee placement in University-managed accommodation or in your preferred residence. Please be aware there are more applications than there are available places. Applications will be reviewed upon submission by the Accommodation Services team

Sending Offers of Accommodation

  • Successful applicants will be sent an email with documentation attached for further completion. If you provided a mobile number on your application, we will send you a text advising you of the offer (Australian applicants only).

Accepting Offer of Accommodation

  • On campus accommodation is highly competitive. Successful applicants must accept their offer by the date defined on the offer and pay the processing fee, otherwise it will be automatically forfeited and the offer cancelled.

Unsuccessful Applicants

  • Those not successful will be sent an email advising of other options, including waiting lists and referral to alternate accommodation options.
  • We continue to make offers to wait-listed students subject to availability until after the start of the first semester, as there are occasional late withdrawals.

You can check the status and progress of your application at any time using your  ID number and password to log into the Accommodation Application Portal.

Application IncompleteYou have not completed your online application and have not filled in all sections or have only registered on the portal.
AppliedYour application has been received.
OfferedWe have sent you an accommodation offer and additional documentation, which must be signed and returned with the deposit by the due date or the offer will lapse.
Position AcceptedYou have accepted online and paid the bond. Please remember to return the required documentation.
CancelledYour application has been cancelled. Either because you did not accept or respond by the offer date or you have cancelled it online, or via email.

Changing your preferences

Prior to offers going out

  • You may change your preferences prior to offers going out by contacting the Accommodation Services team via email and requesting a change in preference. In all correspondence, please provide your full name and StarPortal ID (which you would have received when you registered and applied).

After offers go out

  • If you choose not to accept the offer you received but do not wish to cancel your application, you will then be placed back on the waiting list for your new preference. You may run the risk of missing out on a second offer of accommodation.
  • You should consider any offer a good offer. Our experience is that applicants make the most of any offer and enjoy living in any of the residences.
  • If you did not receive an offer, you may still change your preference while you are on the waiting list.