Vice-Chancellor's Fellow: Mr Michael Malthouse

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow Mick Malthouse

Mr Michael (Mick) Malthouse is La Trobe University's first Vice-Chancellor's Fellow. The renowned AFL coach has taken up an engagement with La Trobe that will strengthen the University's position as a quality higher-education destination for sports-related study.

La Trobe University provides a high-quality university education, and Mick will be a key member of the team dedicated to adding value to university experience of students at all La Trobe campuses.

Throughout his coaching career, Mick has learnt life lessons that transcend the sports field and apply to any person chasing a dream, pursuing their goals or embarking on challenging endeavours.

The Fellowship program is built on the following principles:

  • act as a resource for students giving practical and intimate insight into the sporting industry for students enrolled in popular La Trobe courses such as Sports Journalism, Sports Management, Physiotherapy and Podiatry.
  • leverage a network, established over 40 years, working in Victoria's renowned sporting sector to provide real career and educational opportunities for students.
  • work closely with staff, students and the surrounding community to help develop programs and strengthen skills in team-building, mentoring and leadership.
  • participate in the University's key partnerships with local and regional stakeholders to support La Trobe's continuing mission to collaborate with greater capacity and relevancy to its wider communities.
  • be an active member of the University community, experiencing and contributing to La Trobe's rich and diverse cultural environment.

La Trobe is expecting an increase in student numbers from cohorts that are under-represented at universities; students from families and communities that until now have not had clear pathways to higher education. The University has developed many programs to increase this access through partnerships with schools, sports clubs and local leadership initiatives. Mick's experience as a sports coach and deep understanding of the needs of young people has given him expertise in personal effectiveness, guidance and organisation that is particularly relevant to the needs of these students

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