Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global)

Dr Stacey Farraway is Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Global at La Trobe University.

Dr Stacey Farraway joined La Trobe University in May 2020 as the Pro Vice-Chancellor Recruitment and International Operations. Dr Farraway is currently the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Global.

The Global Division leads the University’s commitments to its markets and its communities and carries oversight of the University’s strategic intent to connect both globally and locally to attract students and partners from across the world, and closer to home.

Dr Farraway has enjoyed a longstanding and successful career in international education with more than 20 years in the sector and has held senior roles across four distinctly different universities in Queensland with QUT and Griffith University, the Northern Territory at Charles Darwin University, and now in Victoria with La Trobe.  Stacey completed her doctoral degree through the University of Newcastle analysing drivers of international student choice and marketing channels for higher education, more specifically, how it is that collaborations between international partners influence choice and facilitate the movement and flow of international students.