University governance

The La Trobe University Council is the formally constituted governing body of the University that oversees and is accountable for all of the University’s operations, including that the institution meets, and continues to meet, the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework.

As the University’s principal governing body, the Council has a very broad range of important responsibilities, including (among other things)

  1. appointing and monitoring the performance of the University’s Chief Executive Officer – the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. setting the strategic direction of the University by approving such things as the University’s mission, annual budget and business plan and by overseeing and reviewing the management and performance of the University more generally;
  3. establishing policies and procedures for the operation of the University, overseeing and monitoring its academic activities and approving significant commercial activities in accordance with the approved Commercial Activity Guidelines;
  4. approving and monitoring systems of control and accountability of the University and its controlled entities;
  5. overseeing and monitoring the assessment and management of risk across the University, including University commercial activities;
  6. conferring degrees and granting other awards; and
  7. making statutes and regulations on a wide range of matters relating to the University;

For detailed information regarding the Council’s composition, powers and responsibilities, elections and terms and conditions of office of members, refer to the La Trobe University Act, 2009 and the Council Statute 2009.

The University’s Statutes and Regulations together with its Policies and Procedures provide the regulatory framework within which the operations of the University are carried out.