Committee contacts

Each Committee is assigned an Executive Officer to provide administrative support to the Committee, The Executive Officer, in collaboration with the Chair of the Committee, is responsible for the efficient operation of the Committee.

In most instances, the Governance Services Unit will provide secretariat support to the governance system. However, there are some committees of the Board, which due to historical reasons and where other organisational units may be better positioned to provide the Executive Officer, are supported outside Governance Services.

New members to Committees will be advised of the unit providing secretarial support, but can also source from the Directory of Committees.

You will be sent an introductory letter outlining the meeting schedule and where to obtain further information. The Executive Officer will also place the meeting times and venues in your Outlook Calander and give you access to the UNITE Site. Each UNITE site has a Team Site (launching pad for all the meeting sub-sites) which contains useful information and links that will be of use to you during your time on the committee.

Any queries about operational matters of the committee should be directed at the Executive Officer. Your apologies for any meetings should also be sent to this contact as well, so that it can be recorded in the minutes.

If you require a longer period of leave from the committee, due to OSP or other you should contact the Chair and the Executive Officer in writing outlining the period for which you are seeking formal leave from the committee.