Environmental Courses and Research

La Trobe is leading the way with research into environmental and sustainable development. We offer a number of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level which focus on the environment, natural resource management and sustainable development.

Courses in Environmental Studies

La Trobe offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research programs focussing on the environment, natural resource management and sustainable development. Course offerings may vary from year-to-year.

Please refer to Course Finder for up-to-date  course information and for courses available to international students.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Arts: Natural Resources Education
  • Bachelor of Arts: Nature Tourism
  • Bachelor of Arts: Outdoor Education
  • Bachelor of Arts: Outdoor Environmental Education
  • Bachelor of Biological Sciences
  • Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Education
  • Bachelor of Conservation Biology and Ecology
  • Bachelor of Physical and Outdoor Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology
  • Bachelor of Science (specialising in environmental science, ecology, botany, biology, zoology or other areas of study)
  • Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning

La Trobe also offers a number of exciting double degree options at the undergraduate level:

  • Science/Science Education
  • Science/Science
  • Science/Commerce
  • Agricultural Science /Business
  • Agricultural Science/International Development

Postgraduate Courses

  • Environmental Health (Graduate Diploma)
  • Environmental Management (Graduate Diploma)
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education (Graduate Certificate)
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education (Master’s by Coursework)
  • Agricultural Science (Postgraduate Diploma)
  • Agricultural Science and Agribusiness (Master’s by  Coursework)

Postgraduate Programs (by Research)

  • Agricultural Science (Master’s by Research)
  • Applied Science (Master’s by Research)
  • Outdoor Education and Environment (Master’s by Research)
  • Science (Master’s by Research)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

This award is given to students following the examination of a thesis reporting original research, carried out under supervision of a candidacy of at least three years. Areas of study include:

Single Units of study

Please contact the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering for further information regarding possible areas of research and academic supervision.