Nesting boxes

Tawny-Frogmouth-HollowTrees, especially hollows in trees, provide essential habitat for many Australian animals. Hollows only develop in mature trees, and are increasingly rare as larger trees are removed.
Nesting boxes are artificial hollows and can help to ease local competition for natural nesting hollows in trees. They are particularly useful in suburban areas where loss of natural nesting sites is becoming an increasing problem.
By purchasing a nesting box, you can provide habitat for native animals in your garden or local area and aid in their survival by keeping them out of roofs and away from pest animals. LTWS nesting boxes are constructed from environmentally responsible eco-ply and are durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and do not affect the growth of trees they are placed on.
Nesting boxes can be purchased from our retail shop pre-built or as a kit (flat pack) which you can build yourself. For online enquiries, email

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