pre-2010 exhibitions


  1. Kate Stones - Catch and Release
  2. Transitions: Aspects of European Island and Regional Cultures


VAC Gallery

  1. CrossTalk - A conversation of words and images between artists as researchers and researchers from other disciplines around common interests.
  2. Wet and Dry - An exhibition tha explores the magnitude and rapidly changing nature of the problems now facing us as a result of climate change.
  3. Embodied - Representations of land and genderin the photography of Donna Bailey and Norman Lindsay.
  4. disClosure - a group exhibition by postgraduate candidates Latrobe university Bendigo campus school of visual arts & design
  5. Deluge - Installation by Tara Gilbee and Andrew Goodman.
  6. Embroidered Landscapes - Works by 2008 Ateneo Art Award winner, Marina Cruz-Garcia

Access Gallery

  1. A Discourse With Tree - An Exhibition of Wood Engravings. Rosalind Atkins.
  2. Blood Red - The Red Room - Robbie Buckman and installation.
  3. Posted it’s what was written! - Part 2 - A unique Participatory Arts Project by Sandra Tobias
  4. Zen Line Play - Drawings by John Howley.
  5. Bug : Work by La Trobe Lifeskills Artists


  1. Elizabeth Boustead - Audition for new work
  2. Mary Louise Edwards - A town called makeshift
  3. David Marshall -Listening to the land: Notions of place and the sacred (in the landscape of Franklinford)
  4. Kerri-Ann Abbott - Through the eye of a needle


  1. Michael Coyne - Five Ring Circus
  2. Cutting Re-marks - Survey of Contemporary Woodblock Printing
  3. Masters Month - Robyn Hassall and Margaret Parker
  4. A Bird In The Hand - Tony Clark and John Wolseley, curated by Robyn McKenzie.
  5. Face Radio Live- Kieran Boland
  6. The Footballers - Donna Bailey
  7. Out On A Limb - Penelope Lee and Jan Parker
  8. Greg Creek - Manifesto drawing: 2nd party machine