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2015 Courses - Melbourne Campus

Course details (dates, cost)

Course CodeNameDatesTimeCost
CPRUP-150116CPR UpdateFri 16 Jan 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150206CPR UpdateFri 6 Feb 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150312CPR UpdateThurs 12 Mar 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150328CPR UpdateSat 28 Mar 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150410CPR UpdateFri 10 April 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150515CPR UpdateFri 15 May 20159am-12pm$58
CPRUP-150616CPR UpdateTues 16 June 20159am-12pm$58
SFA-150114Senior First Aid Course **Wed 14 Jan 20159am-5.30pm$150
SFA-150205Senior First Aid Course **Thurs 5 Feb 20159am-5pm$150
SFA-150221Senior First Aid Course **Sat 21 Feb 201510am-6pm$150
SFA-150316Senior First Aid Course **Mon 16 Mar 20159am-5pm$150
SFA-150321Senior First Aid Course **Sat 21 Mar 201510am-6pm$150
SFA-150409Senior First Aid Course **Thurs 9 April 20159am-5pm$150
SFA-150504Senior First Aid Course **Mon 4 May 20159am-5pm$150
SFA-150516Senior First Aid Course **Sat 16 May 201510am-6pm$150
SFA-150524Senior First Aid Course **Sun 24 May 201510am-6pm$150
SFA-150623Senior First Aid Course **Tues 23 June 20159am-5pm$150
SFAUP-150122Senior First Aid UpdateThurs 22 Jan 20159am-5.30pm$108
SFAUP-150217Senior First Aid UpdateTues 17 Feb 20159am-5.30pm$108
SFAUP-150318Senior First Aid UpdateWed 18 Mar 20159am-5pm$108
SFAUP-150408Senior First Aid UpdateWed 8 April 20159am-5pm$108
SFAUP-150509Senior First Aid UpdateSat 9 May 201510am-6pm$108
SFAUP-150604Senior First Aid UpdateThurs 4 June 20159am-5pm$108

** Denotes courses that require pre online learning, approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Course descriptions

Senior First Aid (Level 2 or Workplace First Aid)

This course provides participants with the life support skills necessary to respond to emergency situations and includes resuscitation, OH&S, managing shock, bleeding, burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries, envenomation, exposure, cardiac emergencies, respiratory emergencies, diabetes, epilepsy and poisoning.  One day and two day courses are available. Courses with ** are one day courses that require pre online learning, approximately 1.5-2 hours.

Senior First Aid Update

This one-day course updates the skills and knowledge obtained in the Senior (Level 2) First Aid qualification.

Pool lifeguard update - giving CPR

Pool lifeguard update - giving CPR

CPR Update

During this three-hour update, participants will become re-accredited in their CPR qualification and gain experience with defibrillation (AED).

Pool Lifeguard Update

This one-day course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to supervise swimming pool users. The program includes training and re-assessment of Lifeguarding skills and procedures including pool surveillance, aquatic emergency care, basic first aid, emergency management, introductory pool operations, oxygen resuscitation and aquatic spinal injury management.

Anaphylaxis, Asthma, CPR and Defibrillation Course

This half day training and assessment program provides participants with their CPR qualification and the skills and knowledge required to use semi automatic defibrillation equipment in an emergency situation, as well as training in the first aid management of asthma, severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

This course has a mixed-mode of delivery, which is prefect for uni students and busy workers. Participants complete the theory component online at their own leisure before coming in for the practical and exam. Enrolments are taken up to 10-days prior to the prac/exam date.

Group bookings

Group First Aid training or Bronze Medallion courses are available upon request for groups of 10 or more.  Courses may be delivered at the Sports Centre or a suitable location of choice.

For more information or to make a group booking request email the Programs Manager