Bachelor of Health Sciences (Medical Classification)/Bachelor of Health Information Management

Duration: 4 year full-time or part-time equivalent

Semester starts: February

UAC code: 196200

About this course

Experience a dynamic course that produces graduates with expertise to work in the ever-expanding field of health information management. In this course you develop the skills to analyse and manage health information and systems throughout the health care sector.

Students gain competencies for profession-entry level in the four areas of:

  • medical/clinical classification
  • health information management (includes hands-on, supervised professional practice in hospitals and other organisations)
  • health informatics and e-health
  • analysis and management of health data.

This provides an excellent range of career opportunities in the health care sector.

Early exit with medical/clinical coder competencies

This double degree also gives students the option of early-exit, at the end of year three, with the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Medical Classification). This single degree provides base-level medical/clinical coder competencies, equipping graduates to work in mid-size hospitals and health centres throughout Australasia, to help meet the national shortage of medical/clinical coders.

Career opportunities

There is a national shortage for health information management and medical/clinical coder graduates, which means are graduates are in high demand. Salaries range from $50,000 at entry level to over $180,000 at senior level.

Our graduates work in a wide range of health care settings including hospitals, health services, health-related research centres and government health departments. You may move straight into management as the course includes management training.

Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (Medical Classification)/Bachelor of Health Information Management is accredited by the Health Information Management Association Australia (HIMAA).  Membership may require an application to the professional body and may have additional or ongoing requirements beyond completion of the degree. Please contact the relevant professional body for details.

HSC prerequisites

One of English (Standard), English (Advanced) (Band 3), English as a Second Language (Band 4) plus Band 2 in one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and any two units of mathematics.

How to apply

Domestic students, including Year 12 students and mature age applicants, should apply via UAC and use Course Code: 196200.

International students should go to the apply now page and follow the prompts.

See Student Handbook for more details

The Handbook contains detailed course information designed for enrolled students, including course structures, electives and options.

The delivery of this course can vary between campuses. For detailed information please select the relevant campus:
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