Study with us in 2018

Expected start date: late April 2018

Our TEP program is currently being redesigned. Building on the success of TEP, from 2018 we are very excited to be offering an enabling experience that will even better meet the needs of all our students. Our past TEP students are having input into the design and are helping us build learning resources that share their experience with our new students.

The planning is that our new program will be available in all locations year round with six start date options (four in 2018 – April, July, September & October). Students will be able to self-pace their study with our new online course resources.

Face-to-face academic support will be adaptive in each location, taking into consideration the work, family and other commitments of our students. You won’t need to be on campus for two full days each week throughout the program.

How to apply

We would love you to register your interest in TEP 2018 by emailing us at:

There is no application form at this stage. We will be in contact as soon as applications open for TEP 2018. We look forward to offering you an online application process from this year.

Need help? Have any questions?

Get in touch through ASK La Trobe on 1300 135 045

Or check out our contact details.