VET or TAFE Pathways

A VET or TAFE pathway is one way you can get into the course of your choice at La Trobe University. We recognise the value of previous study and can offer you Advanced Standing (credit) if you've completed a TAFE course or diploma at another institution.

If you are currently studying at another university, find out about transferring to La Trobe.

For up-to-date information please contact our Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045.

Our partners

We've partnered with several TAFEs to provide pathways to a La Trobe University degree. Choose an institution to see the eligible courses, how much credit you will receive for your study and find out about the transition from TAFE to university.

How to apply

Check with our partner institutions on how to apply for the VET component of your chosen pathway. You'll usually complete this process via VTAC.

Once you've enrolled at TAFE, you can apply directly to La Trobe University or through VTAC for the degree aspect of your pathway.

Start with a Diploma

Josh studied a Diploma of Bioscience at La Trobe Melbourne to get the skills he needed before starting his degree.

Glossary of terms

Advanced Standing is credit granted for recognised study (TAFE or VET). You can then enter your university course at an advanced level.

Direct / Guaranteed entry means you're guaranteed a place into your pathway degree. You'll need to successfully pass your VET Qualification with the set minimum entry requirements.

Guaranteed place Some of our degrees have a set amount of places available. For some partners, we guarantee their students an allocated number of places, as long as they meet the entry requirements.

Early Bird offer means you can register for a conditional offer with us while you're studying at TAFE and guarantee your place (if you meet the entry requirements) in your chosen degree. Look out for the early bird symbol EB on specific pathways.