Seher Ozonal, Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) graduate, Mildura

Seher Ozonal, Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) graduate, Mildura

Seher Ozonal
Seher Ozonal

Migrating from Turkey as a baby with her Kurdish family, Seher has been involved in a wide range of community activities since high school, and has won many awards recognising her contributions to social justice.  Seher has recently completed her Bachelor of Social Work with Honours at La Trobe’s Mildura campus.

Seher is employed as a social worker, and she plans to stay in Mildura and help improve the experience of new migrants in the area.

A long term aspiration of Seher’s is to work for a branch of the United Nations and fight for social justice on a more significant scale.

‘I certainly dream big,’ she says, but for Seher, such big dreams are reachable aspirations in her desire to push for change.

Seher loves living in Mildura. ‘It is a very social sort of place. You can’t walk down the street without waving to people you know.’

Seher believes that studying at the Mildura campus helped her get a foot in ‘many doors’.

‘My lecturers at La Trobe Mildura were really encouraging. They really made me feel like I could achieve anything I set my mind to,’ she says.

Now she is setting out to change the world.

‘I like to think that I am, a little bit at a time. Everyone has to be the “change” that they see in the world. And that is the motto that I live by.’

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