Frayne Gomez, Bachelor of Pharmacy student, Bendigo

Frayne Gomez, Bachelor of Pharmacy student, Bendigo

Frayne Gomez
Frayne Gomez

It’s all about sport, pubs, University clubs, and volunteer work for Frayne Gomez, a La Trobe Pharmacy student in Bendigo.

‘We all need a passion, no matter what it is, so [that] you know where you’re going. I think I have found that in Pharmacy,’ says Frayne, who adds that he feels particularly lucky because the course he wanted to do was literally ‘just up the road’.

Frayne is completing the last semester of his degree at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus.

‘I think university puts you on the “road to life”. I say that coming from the position that only two years ago I was seriously going to drop out,’ he says.

‘Luckily, I decided to stick around, and got involved with the other side of Uni: sport, volunteer work and campus clubs.’

Frayne credits this outlook and a good support network with helping him balance work and study.

‘I have made some awesome mates. We are so familiar because Pharmacy is a small course and we all do the same classes.’

‘The atmosphere on campus is great. We mix with people from other courses too. It’s pretty common to stop and have a chat in the corridor,’ he says.

Frayne says he used to be envious of his friends who moved to Melbourne, but not anymore.

‘I love the country lifestyle. Everything is just down the road. There isn’t any traffic; it’s cheap and safe. Bendigo isn’t a farming town, it is a big regional city with over 100,000 people and a major university. Sport is booming too. I love it.’

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