Cathy McKenna, Bachelor of Business student, Shepparton

Cathy McKenna, Bachelor of Business student, Shepparton

Cathy McKenna
Cathy McKenna

Mature-age student and single mother of three, Cathy McKenna, is a master of organisation.  Working three days a week, she also manages to study Human Resource Management at La Trobe’s Shepparton campus.

Nearly at the university finishing line, Cathy knows her degree will open up new employment opportunities.

‘I decided to go to university because I wanted to have the right qualifications so I could apply for jobs that sound attractive as they came up,’ she says, unsure if she will pursue Marketing and Human Resource based employment once qualified.

The location of the Shepparton campus made it possible for Cathy to study.

‘I probably would never have gone to university if I had to travel. It would have been impossible with small children.’

Cathy also enjoys the large group of friends she has made at the campus.

‘We give each other a lot of support. Often we will go to someone’s house and study for exams and assignments. There are a lot of mature age-students, and we mix in very well with the younger students too.’

Cathy remembers that when she started university her son was just about to start prep.

‘I said to him, “Right! I’ll start university! You start school! Then, when we have both finished, we can go anywhere!”’

The sentiment may have been lost on the five year old at the time, but the same son has since started university.

Anywhere for Cathy means just that. She lists her favourite book as the Atlas, and one day wants to travel to Antarctica and sleep in an Igloo.

‘Just to see what it’s like,’ she laughs. ‘I want to go all over the world. You just never know where you’ll end up.’

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