Athol Hann, Bachelor of Nursing student, Bendigo

Athol Hann, Bachelor of Nursing student, Bendigo

Athol Hann
Athol Hann

When Athol Hann applied to study Nursing at La Trobe Bendigo, he wasn’t sure it was for him. As a keen sportsman, Athol always thought he would have a career related to sport. But now he is sure he made the right decision.

‘The ability to be a Nurse is either something you have or you don’t. I really love learning about the aspects of nursing that can help to save lives. La Trobe has helped [me] to develop skills and equip me with the right stuff to be a Division 1 nurse, and I feel completely ready.’

2010 was Athol’s final year, and he is scheduled to do a hospital placement in Perth. It is part of a five year plan in which he hopes to work in areas of acute and critical care.

‘In about two years, I am going to take six months off and go overseas, but when I come back my plan is live in the Outback, and work as a Nurse with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I will get to see some amazing parts of Australia - see the sights, learn heaps, and have the best time while at work!’

Athol’s desire to work in the Outback with the Royal Flying Doctor Service stems from a deep connection he feels with the land.

‘I grew up on my family’s dairy farm. We have heaps of cows and sheep, and I feel really strongly about the “country lifestyle”. I want to remain in small communities where everyone is familiar with each other.’

‘I play a heap of football at the moment, and I am really busy with study as well… when I fit it all in,’ he laughs. ‘All in all, I really enjoy it. It’s a close-knit community and I can hang out with my mates one moment, then go straight to class the next.’

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