Anne Webster, Bachelor of Social Work student, Mildura

Anne Webster, Bachelor of Social Work student, Mildura

Anne Webster

There are many things Anne Webster loves about her life in Mildura, but her biggest joy is being able to stay close to her family while studying.

‘One of the best things about university in Mildura is that whatever I'm doing, I'm always five minutes away. I can even meet with my husband and kids for lunch.’

Anne, a mature age-student in her third year of a Bachelor of Social Work, appreciates the relaxed atmosphere of the campus.

‘I really enjoy the tutorials. There aren’t any class divisions and I love talking with other students. Everyone is able to share their opinion respectfully,’ she says. ‘I always feel supported at university. I know the lecturers and tutors really well, and find them truly inspiring.’

Anne is making the most of her time at university. In 2009 she was one of just 20 students from Australian and overseas universities accepted to take part in the prestigious European Union Summer School on Human Rights.

‘I only hope I can encourage other women to consider studying at university,’ she says. ‘Some people might say “I can’t do this” but I say, “yes, you certainly can!”’

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