Inspired Futures

Managing the cost of a degree and balancing commitments when studying can be difficult, especially if you are a mature age student and in a regional area.

To make it easier to get your degree, our Inspired Futures program offers support during your studies and certainty with the La Trobe fee guarantee.

What's included?

With the Inspired Futures program, you will receive:

  • career planning support
  • dedicated 'career success' evenings
  • mentoring from our mature-age student ambassadors
  • special campus events
  • La Trobe fee guarantee (limited places available).

La Trobe fee guarantee

The La Trobe fee guarantee limits how much your fees can rise each year if university fees are deregulated, so you can feel secure knowing how much your course will cost. This guarantee is currently only available to Inspired Futures students.

Find out more about fee deregulation and the La Trobe fee guarantee.

Are you eligible?

To qualify for Inspired Futures, you'll need to:

  1. be 21 years or older (in 2015) and not currently studying year 12
  2. have lived in an Australian regional centre for at least one year
  3. plan to study an undergraduate degree
  4. study your entire course at one or more of our regional Victorian campuses
  5. satisfy admissions requirements
  6. apply for your course before February 13, 2015.

How to apply for Inspired Futures

  1. Complete the Inspired Futures application form
  2. Apply for your course

Choose your course

Choose your course to take advantage of our Inspired Futures program.

Get information on career opportunities, subjects, fees and how to apply.

Apply for your course

Applications are now open for many of our courses. You can apply online direct to La Trobe if you have not already applied through VTAC or UAC.

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