Sarah Pulliam

In The Bush

hit the red dirt hard
and go
don't stop
‘til you drop
or you'll mop up your regrets

It's a new country
with the same people
(maybe better)
Forget your fear
with a good beer
Cheers mate!
Hang on to your ticket

Hang on harder to your cameras
one for each shoulder
black and white, or colour?

Learn names fast
Learn faces faster through a lens

Write it in
Glue it down
Tape it, quick
lest you forget

Snap that shot
while you've got it
the clouds have a tendency to move
Stu, Peter,
remind me again about the light meter
help me determine my aperture
how fast should I set my shutter?

I want to go home
I want to stay here
I want to bring home here

Go to Mutawintji
with the Barkindji
on a big white bus
No sleep
gotta eat
sunrise and sunset?

Takes a day or two
getting used to
and emus

Hold on to your hat while we fly
down the dirt road so dry
that the dust covers my suitcase
Hope you used all four rolls
when the bell tolls
for 8 o'clock - 'cause it's time to print!

Keep the darkroom dark
or your film will be darker
Careful with those negs!
Can't risk the scratch
they don't make a patch
for negatives

Print those pretties and you're done
it was fun
now you're the one
writing about your experience
It's off to another adventure
with all the things you've learned
and the grade you earned

Wipe those tears
because I'll remember
the campfire's embers
reflecting in 21 pairs of eyes