Ryan Ricigliano

"My life is young and alive. Brimming with spirit and vigour. Lusting for the life of the world. Reaching for truth in existence - clarity in a world of gray.

Australia has always been a far off, distant land. A life seen through moving pictures and personal fantasies. I came here hoping to actualise that image. Prove its tangibility. I came yearning to see the world through my lens. Focus in on what I connect with.

I'll leave having reached far more than that. I'll leave with documented proof of this land - a beautiful life lived through heightened ideals. A transcendent picture kept with me through years to come.

Yet, Australia is merely a stop along a winding route. A road that will often times meander, sometimes wander, but always continue on through the crevices of the world. A journey that will traverse the very depths of the soul. A life-long commitment to conceptualise the images in my mind."