Katie Herr

"When I first signed up for the Edge of the Outback program I knew I was signing up for a photography class in Australia, and that's about it. I've studied abroad before but this time was different because I did not know what to expect. Arriving in Australia was exciting, but the real adventure began when we first departed for our five day field trip.

I am always amazed at how quickly time goes. These past three weeks have become almost a blur of events, but it is a blur filled with memories. Finally seeing a kangaroo after being in Australia for four days, sitting around the campfire with Peter Peterson making up songs and cooking Johnny cakes and Kangaroo, countless hours of bus rides, early mornings waiting for the sun to rise, ten hour days in the darkroom, and exploring Mildura are just a few of my memories that have become a part of my journey in Australia.

I have learned about a new culture, new people, and new sayings. Although the order of events is already becoming blurry, the memories of my time in Australia will stay with me forever, and it doesn't hurt that I have some amazing photographs to help me remember."