Jordan Ricigliano

"One photo of Australia can connote 1000 different adjectives. I poured over plenty of them before I hopped on a plane and travelled halfway around the world to see the place for myself. Rippling sand dunes, sharp cliff facades, majestic sunsets, and never-ending vistas; I came seeking a land on the margins, the one I had seen 1000 times before in National Geographic magazines. I came searching for the land of Oz, a Technicolor dream world. But the world I discovered was anything but a dream. It’s alive. And real. It breathes through the ochre dirt and moves through the twists in each Eucalyptus tree. The sights, sounds, smells, and textures are not just visions now. They are tangible memories. I am coming home with 1000 snapshots recording my journey, but they capture more than just adjectives; they transpire emotions."