Joanna Castles

"While my adventure in Australia has only just begun I feel as if I have already experienced so many great things and learned so much, not just about another country, but about my myself. Having planned to travel and live here with a friend for a year, the decision to join the Edge of the Outback photography program was a last minute sporadic decision. My experience with the program and all the great people I met within the program has surely shaped my view on Australia and made me ever more excited to be here longer and see more of what this country has to offer. This program has given me a chance to see parts of Australia that not many tourists would see, or even Australians!

The places we saw were breathtaking, and by learning about Australian culture and its Aboriginal beginnings made me appreciate it all so much more. Although, it is the people that I have met, both from here and other countries, that have made this experience what it is. I will remember them forever and how they shaped my time here. The photography aspect of this program became almost secondary compared to everything else I was experiencing and learning. It did, however, remind me of how I look at things and how we can take so many amazing things for granted. My portfolio came out representing how people tend to look past what is right in front of them - maybe in a rush to see what is next, or maybe too oblivious and caught up in our own worlds to not appreciate certain things as we used to.

Overall my experience here has been one I will remember forever and I look forward to the next year here in Australia."