Georganna Smith

"A Californian in the outback, what a thought!

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Australia. Now that I have experienced it as an insider and not as a day-by-day tourist, I have more respect for the country and its history. I had no idea what to expect with this trip, but as soon as I met those that were attending the program with me I knew it was going to be one to remember. Even though I think it was weird being put in a small town in the middle of nowhere to participate in a photography course, I am happy we were. I know I will never again get the chance to go to, or stay at, the places we’ve experienced.

My favourite part out of my whole Australian experience was camping at Mutawintji. Words can’t explain the amazing wildlife and the breathtaking views I encountered. Each day was filled with new adventures that took me out of my limits and into one with nature. Having a camera around my neck made it easy to grab a piece of the beauty that stood before me. Snapping pictures every chance I had made it easy for me to bring a little Australia back home with me."