Camille Kindschi

"I landed in Australia three weeks ago, tired and sick, but hopeful. Here I stand at the end, pleased, excited and fulfilled.

To begin with, I think we all were worried about themes and concepts and how well we might do. I now see that the point of this course is not the pictures we take, but the thought process and the entire journey together, including the openness of mind to see and photograph whatever comes our way.

From the start of this trip, the effect of water on the land was evident. I think we experienced at least three dry river beds, and yet were seeing flood signs all over the place! I hope my pictures convey the culture that I have seen and the land that I have travelled through. I chose this theme as a way to delve into my reasons for being here. Am I here to take pretty pictures, or to learn something more?

The water, or lack thereof, in places like Mildura, Mungo and Mutawintji effect the people. From then to now, the Aboriginal and the modern people depend on the land and the water; and its changes affect everything from fauna and flora to weather patterns

Frigid mornings at ‘The Wall of China’ and ‘Sculpture Hill’ have driven home the fact that I'm really ‘not in Kansas anymore’... or California for that matter, and the Historical Tour in Mutawintji gave me a much deeper understanding of the culture that this place holds. I learned about the relationship between the people and the land mostly from our guide, Peter P., but also through the unique teaching styles of our fearless leaders; like watching movies about cross-dressers and murderers. The modern Australians hold their heritage and that of the Aboriginal people in high regard; that much is obvious. Looking back at the actions of those first peoples and their impact on today has opened my eyes to a whole new world this summer.

I am so thankful for the experiences I've had, the friends I've made, and the photographs I've had the opportunity to take on this trip! Where will this ocean take me next?"