Brittany Pietsch

"The journey, for me, started in the airport of Detroit and saying goodbye to my best friend who drove me there. Walking through security and no longer seeing the familiar scenery brought tears to my eyes. Three flights and countless hours later I arrived in Melbourne and opened my eyes to new and exciting things. Then it was more riding in trains and busses to get to this beautiful landscape. It is a harsh land, where flora and fauna alike struggle to survive. In this desolate place I felt alone, separated from all I knew and loved. But during my stay here I fell in love with this harsh landscape of rocks, dirt, and trees. I have broadened my horizons, gained appreciation for lush life, and have grown a romantic appreciation for beauty in little things of the untouched outback. I have flown 14 hours ahead and stepped into the past. I have taken my journey. Will you take yours?"