Ashley Putnam

"When inquiring about this program you need not read further than the title, ‘Edge of the Outback’. This course quite literally takes you to the innermost parts of Australia, where you will see things you could never have imagined and that having scarcely been visited by most Aussies.

In order to reach the outback, it takes a little more than wishful thinking. If you enjoy a more scenic journey to admire the diverse landscape, you should look into taking a similar trip to the one our group embarked upon. More specifically, the expedition involved both trains and buses.

While on this cross country exploration you will be sure to see quaint towns, vast landscapes as far as the eye can see, and wildlife up close and personal. For the more enthusiastic explorer you can expect to become one with nature, while experiencing life in the outback with the Aborigines.

This program not only fulfils the desire to journey through Australia and take pictures, but also introduces you to an eclectic group of people. Getting to share the experiences you have on this program with newly formed friends makes this trip that much more unforgettable."