Aspire Generation Ambassadors

2016 Young Australians of the Year and best mates Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi founded Orange Sky Laundry in July 2014. They share the common goal of seeing Orange Sky Laundry take to the streets of Australia. Their enterprise comprises eight board members with a diverse range of skills and life experiences.

The Orange Sky Laundry vision is a world where homeless people are positively connected with the community. It is run by volunteers, and it seeks ways to harness the energy of people who are keen to but struggle to find simple ways to connect with the community.

Like La Trobe, Lucas and Nic are passionate about making a difference. They reflect the Aspire Generation’s shared optimism for the future and seek ways to challenge convention and solve social issues facing our local and global communities.

In 2016, we are excited to be working with Orange Sky Laundry, with Lucas and Nic as the face of our Aspire Generation.

'We are excited to be La Trobe’s Aspire Generation ambassadors and we look forward to working with members who aspire to make a difference through community service and leadership'