Change enrolment

You can withdraw from your subjects right up until census date each semester. To do this, log in to StudentOnLine and go to the 'My Enrolment' tab.

From here you can:

  • withdraw from a subject
  • add a new subject (within the first two weeks of semester)
  • change the teaching period of a subject (if available within the first two weeks of semester).

If you can't enrol or withdraw via StudentOnLine, you can complete an online Variation of Enrolment (VOE) form. The online form can be found under the enrolment tab in StudentOnLine.

You must obtain the Subject Coordinator's approval to add a subject if you have not met prerequisites.

All subjects will need Subject Coordinator approval after the second week of the subject teaching period.

If you do not obtain the Subject Coordinator's approval prior to submitting your online Variation of Enrolment, there will be a delay in the processing of your VOE application.

You cannot withdraw from a subject once the teaching period in which it is being taught has ended.

You must wait one hour after you have confirmed your enrolment in a subject before you can allocate yourself to timetable activities in Allocate Plus.


If you withdraw from a subject after one third of the teaching period has passed, you will have a Withdrawn grade recorded against the subject.

If you withdraw from a subject on or before the census date, the subject will be deleted and you will not incur a financial penalty.

'Withdrawn' signifies that you have withdrawn without failing the subject (s), incurring a financial penalty.

If you withdraw from a subject after two thirds of the teaching period has passed, you will have a KN grade recorded against the subject.

'KN' signifies that you have withdrawn from and failed the subject (s), thus incurring a financial penalty.

Overload Application

If you are seeking to undertake more than a full-time course load (overload), this form must be presented to the college office for approval.


Each subject costs a certain amount of money. If you withdraw from a subject after census date, you still have to pay the course fee. You can apply for a refund or remission of debt if your withdrawal was due to exceptional circumstances.

Austudy and Youth Allowance

Changing your enrolment may affect your Austudy or Youth Allowance. To confirm, check with Centrelink or contact us.

International students

International students holding a student visa are reminded that Condition 8202 relates to a student visa holder's enrolment and completion within the time of their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and maintaining academic progress.

As required under Section 19 of the ESOS Act 2000 and Standard 9 of The National Code 2007, La Trobe University must monitor the workload of students to ensure they complete the course within the duration specified in their CoE and do not exceed the allowable portion of online or distance learning. Therefore, students are required to be enrolled on a full time basis at all times*, except where the College has approved an under enrolment.

Further advice is available at

*Please note: International students must also be enrolled in at least one face-to-face subject each compulsory teaching period and no more than 25% of a student's total enrolment can be composed of Online or Distance Education Subjects.

Transferring to another course

To transfer to a new course, you need to re-enrol in your current course first, then submit your transfer application. Contact us to check for any specific course transfer procedures.