Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do SHE3FRW?

This Work Integrated Learning subject gives you an opportunity to develop a sense of agency, job opportunity seeking skills, workplace readiness, and reflect on what it means for you to be a great professional in your chosen field. Most students comment that after completing this subject their studies make much more sense to them and they feel their understanding of the subject matter increases and they are more motivated to study.

Who can apply to do a placement as part of SHE3FRW?

  • You must be enrolled in a course offered by the College of Science, Health and Engineering
  • You must have a third-year elective available in your Study Plan
  • You must have completed 120 credit points of your degree.

Do I need permission to enrol in SHE3FRW?

Yes, you must have permission from the Subject Coordinator to enrol in SHE3FRW. The Subject Coordinator will only grant permission to enrol once your placement has been organised (see How to Apply).

I am a regional student, how do I find a placement?

Regional students can find placements advertised as part of SHE3FRW on Career Hub. Login to Career Hub and type SHE3FRW in the Search Jobs box.

I am a Melbourne Campus student, how do I find a placement?

Melbourne Campus students need to self-source placements. This means that you need to contact potential employers to see whether they can accommodate you for a placement.

Career Ready staff are available to show you how to go about finding your own placement. They can show you how to find companies in your area of study, help you with what to say on the phone, help you prepare your CV etc.

Are there any placements already organised for Melbourne Campus students?

Occasionally the Subject Coordinator will know of employers willing to host Melbourne Campus students. Email the Subject Coordinator to ask if any Melbourne placements are available.

I want to complete a placement which will involve me travelling or staying in a different location. Will the University pay for travel or accommodation costs?

No, any travel or accommodation costs associated with the placement will not be covered by the University – they must be paid by you.

The employer wants to pay me for the hours I will be working on placement, is this OK?

No, placements offered as part of SHE3FRW are not to be paid.

When can I start my placement?

You will need to negotiate the exact start and end dates with your workplace supervisor. Note that the placement must be completed within the semester. You can only begin placement once the Subject Coordinator has approved the placement, you have enrolled into SHE3FRW and all parties have signed the WIL Agreement.

Why do I have to do all this paperwork?

The placement approval form and WIL Agreement are there to clarify the basic interests and responsibilities of all parties involved in the placement. For example, without completing this paperwork you would not be covered by the University insurance and your workplace supervisor may be reluctant to take you on.

Are the placements safe?

As part of the process of approval you will be required to conduct a risk assessment of the site to ensure the safety and appropriate workplace relations, which is a very useful employability skill in its own right.

What if I don’t feel comfortable or I have an accident while on the placement?

The University has industry-leading processes to deal with emergencies. If you are worried about any aspect of your placement, you are expected to raise it with your Subject Coordinator. In case of an accident contact 000 and University security (03) 9479 2222 - input it in your mobile phone now. Please familiarise yourself with the accident reporting procedure.

Where do I go if I need help?