SHE – Clinical Placements and WIL

See Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities (including clinical placements, professional placements, WIL subjects and field placements) offered within each School.

Forms and documents

Students on clinical placements MUST meet the document requirements for placements.

These documents are submitted, checked and held by La Trobe University.

Preparation for Clinical Placements

Ease: a free online resource to help prepare you for a placement.

WIL (Work Integrated Learning) subjects,  professional placements (called also "practicum") and field placements:

SHE College (subject offered to students across the College)

SHE3FRW Future Ready for Work

Elective work integrated learning subject available to any College of SHE student, with preference given to those with no compulsory placement in their course. Offered in Semester 2 and Summer Semester.

School of Allied Health

ALH3CEE Community Engagement Experience

School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences

EMS4WIL Work Integrated Learning

CSE3IBA Industry Based Learning

CSE3IBB Industry Based Learning B

CSE3ILA Industry Based Learning A

CSE3ILB Industry Based Learning B

CSE4IBL Industry Based Learning

ELE4DIR Directed Study

La Trobe Rural Health School

EXS2AES Applied Exercise Science

EXS3EPP Exercise Programming And Prescription For People With Special Considerations

PHE3FEB Field Experience

School of Life Sciences

AGR1WIL Work Integrated Learning Program

SCI3GIP Global Industry Placement

School of Psychology and Public Health

PH3FPI Field Placement Induction

PHE3PFP Participatory Field Placement