Frequently Asked Questions


Professional Experience Placements

What is a professional experience placement?

A professional experience placement is a requirement of all Initial Teacher Education Programs.

During a professional experience placement, Pre Service Teachers practice teaching in a classroom environment or educational setting under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified educator.

Who organises my professional experience placement?

All professional experience placements are organised by the ASSC Placement Operations team on your behalf. Please do not organise your own placement or contact a school directly.

How and when do I find out about my professional experience placement?

You will find out about your professional experience placement by receiving an email from the ASSC Placement Operations team via a system called InPlace.

The majority of placement allocations will be released two weeks prior to your Placement commencing.

How far will I have to travel for my professional experience placement?

You may be expected to travel up to 75 minutes each way to your professional experience placement location.

The ASSC Placement Operations team do their best to place students close to home but due to the competitive nature of the sector and the teaching methods that students undertake, this is not always possible.

Can I decline an allocated professional experience placement?

Students are not able to decline a professional experience placement unless there are exceptional circumstances such as a conflict of interest.

Please note that travel time that is shorter than 75 minutes each way and work commitments are not acceptable reasons to decline a placement.

Do I need a working with children check and how do I apply?

All students who undertake a professional experience placement must have a working with children check.

The application is free for student teachers who are considered to be volunteers, providing they are not employed in a school at the time of the application.

Please apply for your working with children check as soon as possible as applications can take 8 weeks or more to process. You can find more information by visiting


Am I eligible to do an internship?

Many internships (WIL subjects) are competitive and may have eligibility requirements. Students must have completed at least 120 credit points to be eligible for most internships. For more information on the selection requirements check the subject descriptions or email

Will I be matched with an organisation?

You are encouraged to find your host organisation for your internship or placement. Your Subject Coordinator, the ASSC College Experiential Learning Team and the Careers and Employability Team can provide guidance on how you can contact organisations directly, prepare your resume and prepare for selection interviews.

Will I be covered by La Trobe University insurance while I am on my internship?

Yes. La Trobe University’s insurance covers students while they are on internship or placements. Students are required to complete a placement agreement which is signed by their host organisation supervisor and their subject coordinator. For more information about La Trobe University insurance, visit Detailed information is provided at specific subject inductions.

Can I be placed with the same company as where I do my part-time job?

If you do a special project outside of your usual tasks you may be placed in the same organisation as where you already work. This is subject to approval by your Subject Coordinator.

Will I get paid for my internship?

The majority of internship opportunities are unpaid. You may receive a small allowance to cover some of your expenses at the discretion of your host organisation.

Do I need a Working with Children Check or Police Check?

Some organisations require you to undergo a Working with Children Check (WWCC) or Police Check before undertaking an internship. The Experiential Learning Team can provide more advice about this as required. For more information, email or to learn more about how to apply for a WWCC, visit

What if I don’t have space in my course to fit in an internship?

La Trobe University supports not for credit internships through the Career Ready Program. For more information about La Trobe University’s Career Ready Program, visit

Can I do my internship overseas?

Yes. You may be able to do your internship overseas, subject to the approval of your Subject Coordinator and Study Abroad.

What happens if I am unable to complete my internship?

If you are unable to complete your hours for the internship you must contact your Subject Coordinator immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.

Who do I contact in case of an issue or difficulties?

If you experience issues or difficulties with your placement, please make contact with your Subject Coordinator or designated Experiential Learning Team member to discuss.