Queer chat help

Dear all gay/bi/questioning/struggling/etc. fellows,

When I first realised I had a same-sex crush on a classmate, my whole world was shaking. I lost self-confidence, afraid of what had become of me. I got distracted from my study and had doubts about my future and worries about my relationship with family and friends. The worst thing was that living in denial and confusion, I made everyone around me confused, upset and disappointed. I lost some of the good friends I had made at University, including the one I had a crush on. Some others who were very nice to me gave up on me because I kept distant from them as I was scared of being myself and being exposed to people around. I lied to my family and close friends about my feelings all the time. It made me feel guilty and more obsessed with the fact that I am attracted to guys.

Fortunately, I came to the queer chat where I could express myself and talk about my feelings without a glimpse of disrespect from the other fellows. With the friendly and accepting environment and professional help from Devorah, I learned more about being gay and gradually came to regain my confidence back and accept myself as the way I am. I always know that being gay/attracted to someone with the same sex is as normal as being straight/attracted to someone with the opposite sex and there is no shame of it. However, to admit it to yourself and be comfortable with that are the hardest things ever on Earth. The pressure and the attitude you may feel from your family and friends about you being gay will strangle you with its every strength. But believe me, as the old French saying: "after the rain comes the beautiful time", everything will be fine. The queer chat will be there to raise you up. You will move on with your life. You'll make new friends and keep discovering the new way of life. It may not be the life you dream of, but it will be the life you're happy to live in because you will always stay true to yourself and to the people you love and care about. That's the only thing that matters. So keep your chin up! It's not the end of the world.

I hope you will be happy with the service as I was; and all the best mates!

Daniel 2009-2012.