Allocate Plus

Student timetable and class allocation

Allocate Plus is La Trobe University's timetabling system that allows you to select preferences for on-campus activities for your enrolled subjects such as tutorials, labs, seminars and workshops. You can tailor your timetable to your personal needs.

When making changes to your enrolment, you need to wait one hour after you have confirmed your enrolment in a subject before you can allocate yourself to activities.

If you are accessing Allocate Plus from a mobile or tablet device, click the menu icon and select 'enrolment' to view your subjects. 

Semester 2, 2014 


Public timetable. 

Summer semester 1 - Subjects starting from 27 October 2014


Public timetable. 

Important dates for summer 1

Preference entry mode Monday 22 September 2014: 11 am
System closed for sorting Friday 3 October 2014: 5 pm

Student self-allocation mode (first-in-first-served period)

Monday 13 October 2014: 11 am
Read only mode Friday 7 November 2014: 5 pm

Timetable clashes

In some instances you may experience an unavoidable timetable clash. Please contact your faculty office to discuss approving any clashes.

How does Allocate Plus work?

Before a teaching period begins, students need to select their preferences for class times for all enrolled subjects. Allocate Plus will then assign students class times to create the best possible clash free timetable according to the student's selected preferences. After this sorting process, students can self allocate themselves to class times and move to new time slots if there are available spaces. This is the self allocation and adjustment period.

Students can also view class times for other subjects at any time. This is useful for students to see how other subjects fit into their timetable of enrolled subjects.

Need help?

Help guides

You can watch the help videos above or refer to the guides below.You can also view the videos on our YouTube channel

For preference entry mode please view the Allocate Plus – Student guide to selecting preferences

For self-allocation mode please view the Allocate Plus – Student guide to self-allocation


We have a range of frequently asked questions and answers to help.

Current students

Please call (+61 3) 9479 2005 or email studentcentre@latrobe.edu.au for general timetable enquires.

Technical support

You can request assistance at all campuses via email to sits@latrobe.edu.au or by submitting a request for assistance

You can also call (03) 9479 3694. Regional students can call 1300 786 535.

Specific subject or class enquiries

Please contact the subject coordinator responsible for the subject you wish to enquire about. You can search our staff database to find telephone and email details for La Trobe University staff.

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