Research home drive

A Research Home Drive is a network storage space where you can store your Research related documents and files. Research Home Drives are for individual use only. By storing your research data in a central location on a server, backup and recovery of data is easier and more reliable.

How do I access my Research Home drive?

What can I store on my Research Home drive?

ICT recommends that you store all research related files on network shares. You should not store files essential to other persons in an individual user's Home Drive.

Your Research Home Drive can be used to store data and files pertaining your research.

Do not copy CD's, DVD's and application files to network shares, as this can cause breach of copyright and utilise space needed by other users. Additionally, you should not use network shares to archive files (e.g. data that is no longer required or email archives) or store personal data not associated with the University. If you require assistance with archiving please contact the Service Desk for other options.

What are personal files?

A Personal file is any non-University or non-work related file. These generally include files such as Personal Music (iTunes and Windows Media Player), Pictures (digital photographs and artwork), Movies (home movies, video clips) and other personal documents/files. All files should be legitimately obtained or licenced.

You should store your personal files in your Documents folder. However, it is important to note that the contents of your computer's hard drive are not backed up and in the event of failure the recovery of personal files is not deemed to be an ICT responsibility. If you would like to keep a backup of your personal files, it is recommended to use CD, DVD or an external USB storage device.

Please note that it is a breach of the Use of Computer Facilities Statute 2009 to use computer facilities to infringe any Intellectual Property rights or to contravene any Intellectual Property Laws. Breaches of the statute may result in disciplinary action.

Can I restore previous versions of my files?

No. However ICT use a secure off-site tape facility to house back-up files from ICT servers.