What is a complaint?

La Trobe defines a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction made by a student about conditions at the university. Sometimes complaints are about the behaviour of people representing the University off campus. The general public may also lodge a complaint.

We recommend that you try to resolve your concerns directly with the person or area that caused the problem, if you can. If you have already tried this, or if you don't feel like that is an option, you should think about lodging a complaint.

You should lodge a complaint if:

  • you are unhappy about something specific in your academic life (eg not enough seating in a lecture, staff not available during office hours, cancelled lectures...)
  • you don't think 'the rules' (university policy or procedure) are being followed
  • a university staff member has been rude or their behaviour to you was inappropriate
  • you have a dispute about a process used during an appeal
  • you have reported something to I&O, security or academic staff and you have not received a response after a reasonable amount of time
  • you are a victim of bullying or harassment

What to do next?

If you have decided your problem is a complaint or that you want to tell us about your problem, you should lodge a complaint.

Make a complaint

Have something you want to tell us about? Fill in our complaints form.