SHE Advisers

How do I choose a Student Development Adviser?

  • Choose an adviser from your College.
    • SHE College advisers assist students who study:
      • Science, Health and Engineering subjects.
    • ASSC College advisers assist students who study :
      • Law, Business, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Scroll down and read the SDA Profiles and select an adviser that you feel would suit your needs the most. All advisers are skilled and will provide support. So don't stress out if you are unsure who to select.


Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a Student Development Adviser based in the SHE College at Bundoora.

While working in the US as a Camp counsellor I became fascinated observing the interactions between people, all the while attempting to understand myself and others in a different country among many cultures. The support I received during this time transformed my experience and sparked an interest to work in this space.

I have worked with both international and local students for 9 years in Student Services and Career Advising capacities and have recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. I understand how challenging it can be to juggle studies along with everything else in life, so if you are looking to chat about discovering what motivates you or advice creating short and long term goals then I look forward to meeting with you!

Favourite Animal – Pug Dogs – because I love their squishy little faces!

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Hi there! I’m Emma and I’m a Student Development Adviser for the SHE College based at Melbourne Campus in Bundoora.

I have been a student in both the humanities and sciences (BA/BSc Hons) and an employee in research, teaching and administration. All of this has occurred alongside a full family and volunteering life, so I’m well versed in juggling the demands of a double degree and a zillion other commitments. I began work as a Subject Support Tutor in 2011 and found my people in supporting students. I’m now an SDA and I get to use my broad university experience and my fascination with human wellbeing to help students get the most out of their time at university. I firmly believe that knowledge is exciting, and a love of knowledge is contagious.

Random fact about me: I design lights for three community theatres and occasionally at The Melbourne Fringe Festival – ask me about electricity some time.

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Lachie (SHE/ASSC)

Hello! I’m Lachlan, I’m the SDA on the Bendigo Campus! I’m a Social Worker, and I’m also one of the counsellor’s at Bendigo Campus. I also finished my Social Work degree at Bendigo campus, so I’m pretty much a part of the furniture! My aim is to work with you to help you get the most out of uni. Whether it’s talking about how our brains work and tips on how to make it work better, looking at your career goals, or learning some new study skills, I’m keen to work with you so you can get the most out of uni.

I work with students across all regional campuses, so if you are not in Bendigo, get in touch and we can work out a way to talk.

Random fact about me: Poco a poco estoy aprendiendo habla espaƱol.

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Anne (SHE)

AnneHello! I'm Anne, a Student Development Adviser for the SHE College based at Melbourne Campus in Bundoora, Tuesday to Thursday.

I have studied and worked in universities in Australia and overseas, teaching in the social sciences. Most recently I have spent time juggling paid work, study and parenting which feels like a major achievement. My career has also included paid and unpaid community development roles - so my two passions are facilitating learning and belonging!

Whilst based at a university in Europe, I faced lots of challenges and benefitted enormously from the information and support provided by the student welfare adviser so my passion about ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to thrive at university comes from firsthand experience.

I live on the rural edge of Melbourne, on a working farm with my partner, assorted boys, dogs, cats, chooks, horses, sheep, cattle and grapevines. Something not many people know about me: I once ran a MARATHON! Please feel free to ask me how long it took for me to finish….

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Cathy (ASSC- Bundoora, ASSC/SHE-Shepparton)

Hi there! I’m Cathy. I’m a Student Development Adviser for the ASSC College based at:

  • Melbourne Campus in Bundoora, Monday – Wednesday.
  • Shepparton on Thursdays and Fridays where I see both SHE and ASSC students.

I have a lot of experience with the support services within La Trobe. I know first-hand how the  regional campuses function and am able to support you through your university life. I love to empower students to succeed and be happy. I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Business, Human Resources/ Marketing and am currently studying a Graduate certificate in careers education and development.

Fun fact: I can’t resist four legged fur babies!

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