ASSC – Education placements and WIL

La Trobe Business School


ACC3AWP Accounting Work Placement

Hospitality and Tourism

THS1FBS Food and Beverage Supervision

Event Management, HR, Management, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality

BUS3ELP Experiential Learning Project


MGT3BP Business Projects

MGT2SEB Social Entrepreneurship: The Big Idea

MGT3SPR Sport Practicum

Sport Management

MGT3SVM Volunteer Management

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Communications and Media

MAC3INT Professional Partnerships
STC3SAA Strategic Communications Agency A
STC3SAB Strategic Communications Agency B
STC3SAC Strategic Communications Agency C
MSS3INT Professional Internships

Legal Studies

LST3LWC Legal Studies Workplace Competence

International Relations

POL3PCW Professional Competence - Transition to the Workplace

Community Planning and Development

PLA3PPB Planning Practice and Professional Experience

ASSC College (Subject offered to students across the College)

HUS3WPP College of ASSC Work Placement Program

University (Subject offered to students across both Colleges)

HUM2SLC Service Learning in the Community

La Trobe Law School

LAW4INT Legal Internship
LAW2CLE Clinical Legal Education
LAW4LPP Legal Practice and Conduct Clinical Placement
LAW2PLP Public Interest Law Practice
LAW2RRJ Rural and Regional Issues in Justice
LAW4INB Legal Internship B
LAW2SLP Sentencing Law and Policy
LAW5HRA Human Rights Advocacy
LAW3ALW Advanced Legal Writing

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