Student stories

Hear from some of our students who travelled as part of their studies.


Samantha Morris completed her final year of a Bachelor of Nursing in Sweden. When on placement, she found herself doing things she would have never done in Australia.

Overseas placement! The best experience

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Stephen Cantwell studied in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to immerse himself in the culture and improve his Spanish. Each morning before uni he also worked on a farm, which tied in with his Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences. Steve says it felt like living two days in one.

Abroad with Steve

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Joanne Tran had incredible experiences on her study tour to Nepal, including teaching at a local school, bathing with elephants and staying high in the mountains.

Study tours to Nepal!

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Emily McClean's third year of a podiatry course was spent in Glasgow. Emily shows you her host uni, takes you on a ghost tour in Glasgow and travels to the Scottish Highlands.

Exchange in Scotland

Welcome to the Scottish Highlands