Making a Difference: Careers in Government

Tuesday 28 March 12:30pm

There are many career possibilities and pathways within local, state and federal government. Come along to hear about the different opportunities working in Commonwealth, State and Local Government.

Translating Chinese Philosophy into the Western Academy: Better Late than Never

Wednesday 29 March 06:00pm

To what extent have we been successful in first understanding the Chinese philosophical narrative and then in “carrying it across” into the Western academy? And then to what extent have we been able to grow and “appreciate” (in the sense of value-added) our own philosophical parameters by engaging with this antique tradition?

Book launch - Fear of Abandonment

Wednesday 05 April 12:30pm

Everything Australia wants to achieve as a country depends on its capacity to understand the world outside and to respond effectively to it.

The future of work

Thursday 06 April 06:30pm

The digital disruption has changed the way we work, study and live. Will robots replace humans in the work force of the future? What jobs will disappear and what new opportunities will be created with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation?

The Tianxia System: The Revival of a Traditional Chinese Worldview?

Thursday 06 April 02:30pm

This seminar will trace the evolution of the Tianxia concept throughout China’s imperial past, in order to provide fresh insight into China’s debates on its international position today, and into the possible future trajectory of China’s international relations theories.

Is Democracy the Least Bad Political System?

Wednesday 12 April 01:00pm

Jointly hosted by China Studies Research Centre and Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies

The House of Mirrors

Tuesday 18 April 08:00pm

Get the inside information on the imposing House of Mirrors installation, from artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney. This event is an LAI Exhibiting Culture lecture in connection with the Bendigo Gallery House of Mirrors installation.

What’s on a Façade? Affective Architecture and Memories of a Bendigonian Chinese Herbalist, James Lam Say, 1887-2017.

Wednesday 17 May 02:30pm

This seminar will examine how a prominent Chinese herbalist used architecture to forge a successful medical career in nineteenth-century Victoria.