A day in the life of...

Name: Bethany Gill

Course: Bachelor of Nursing, 2nd Year

Campus: Bundoora


Wake up, drag myself to the kitchen to grab breakfast, check e-mails, throw on trademark outfit, walk for about 15 minutes to get to the other side of campus. Spend that time wondering how I'm almost always late when I live on campus.

9amSit through a lecture, take notes….
11amGot to the nursing labs. This is the definitely the most fun part of my uni day, getting to play pretend with medical equipment.
12pmMuch needed vegetarian lunch in the agora, usually hang out with classmates.

Get to my afternoon workshop. These can sometimes drag on a bit, but if you've got the right facilitator they can be pretty fun, and you hear some great anecdotes about their nursing career!


Walk to the other side of campus to get back home, wonder what to do with my night. Get home and grab something to eat, possibly check e-mails again.

4pmHalf watch TV / half Facebooking
5pmStop watching half way through the show, play guitar.
6pmMore TV/movies/Facebook/twitter.
7pmStart cooking dinner, hang out with housemates.
8pmListen to music, start getting lecture notes and stuff I need for tomorrow ready. Maybe do some readings.
9pmReread lecture notes, do a bit of study, make some notes and summaries.
10pmJump back on facebook/twitter/skype and make plans with friends to catch up during the rest of the week.
11pmGet ready for bed, watch some more TV or a movie.
12amGet into bed, set an alarm and wonder why I don't get to sleep earlier!

Name: Men Zhu

Course: Bachelor of Business, 3rd Year

Campus: Bundoora


Wake up, get dressed and go for a jog. It gets me pumped for the day ahead. Get back home and have a quick breakfast

9amMarketing Lecture - taking notes
11amMarketing tutorial – ask questions on the lecture and readings I did the night before.
12pmOrganisational Behaviour Lecture – taking notes...my hand is starting to get cramped!
2pmGrab some lunch from Pings at the Union Building...yum!

After catching up with some friends, it's time to leave to get to work

4pmAt my part-time job as a waiter at a Thai restaurant in Greensborough...got to pay the bills somehow...oh wait, I live at home!
10pmGet home and stuck into my readings, spend some time on facebook, TV in the background
11pmGet into bed, add to my journal...sleep time!